Home is Where the Pie is


photo by the truly wonderful Gray Kammera Photography

Well, it’s certainly been a whirlwind few weeks in our household; we are officially residents of Cincinnati! The move went really smoothly because most of our stuff was still in boxes and all we had to do was pack up the truck and drive it to the city. In true Morris fashion we had nearly everything unpacked by the time we rang in the new year on New Year’s Eve. Surrounded by piles of crumpled newspaper and stacks of empty cardboard boxes we bid farewell to 2016 and clinked our recently unpacked champagne flutes full of local beer to a happy and healthy 2017.

I spent the first few weeks touring the local commercial kitchens that I could potentially work out of for the next year or so and landed in a truly lovely space just over the river in Newport, Kentucky. Our new Teeny Pies home is out of the Incubator Kitchen Collective and you should definitely check them out! I had several different (all wonderful) options but this one felt the best. I think it will be really helpful to surround myself with the Cincy food community and being in this kitchen feels like the best way to go about that. Additionally, I’ve applied for two big time farmer’s markets, filled out the forms for any and all necessary licenses, and found the nearest Restaurant Depot for all my bulk baking needs! I am well on my way to being a Cincinnati business owner, just in time for the spring markets! I would love to say we planned it this way on purpose, but I think we just got lucky.

I can’t imagine the next few weeks will be all that exciting, business wise, but I will tell you that I’m doing two fabulous things in early February!

  1. I’m baking teeny tiny pies for a friend’s wedding in Detroit! A darling lady, who also worked at the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market in D.C. when we did, became fast friends with Aaron over the last few years and she and her fiancé have put our first Cincinnati order on the books. I’m beyond pleased to be able to be such a lovely part of their big day and I can’t wait to bake their pies. True love + PIE = magic.
  2. Because I will be in Detroit, delivering wedding pies, I’ll be able to stop into an incredible pie shop, Sister Pie and, fingers crossed, shadow the lovely lady proprietor while she runs her business like a boss. This shop is totally inspiring and I’ve been in touch with the owner who has been utterly gracious and super generous with her time. I want my business to be just like hers when it grows up.

So, slowly but surely we are on our way. Barring anything truly terrible happening (which I’m not ruling out, because … trump … sigh) Cincinnati is about to get a killer pie company! The people will rejoice!! We will make pie!! Everyone will be happy!! World saved, right?


3 thoughts on “Home is Where the Pie is

  1. Mum... Cathie says:

    YES…world saved, no matter what t does, we’ ll survive on pie. I’ll help in any way I can. The best pies are comin to Cinn City, I’ll be there to taste test too 😘😘😘🍷❤️❤️


  2. Chris Thoryk says:

    Congratulations on the move! I’m a pie baker by accident and necessity. I tripped over your lovely book in my local book store and am so enjoying it. I know I purchased it ,but really it feels like a gift! THANK YOU 😊


    • teenypies says:

      Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comments! I’m so glad to hear you like the book and I hope you have a lovely time baking!! Thank you thank you!!


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