best of the best

Friends in pie, the content of this blog post is at least a year old and therefore should probably be considered old news, BUT I was diligently typing up my business plan and realized while reviewing my various accomplishments and accolades that I completely forgot about this little nugget of wonderfulness. Every year Food and Wine comes out with a Best of the Best Cookbook featuring their all time favorite cookbooks of the year and it just so happens that MY COOKBOOK, Teeny’s Tour of Pie, with it’s scrumptious pies and delightfully quirky, heartfelt stories was chosen as one of the best cookbooks of 2014!! Ridiculously old news, right? To be fair F&W’s Best of the Best didn’t come out until the following year, so it’s only slightly old and I figured any reason to shine some sparkly spotlight on my favorite cookbook, especially with the holidays coming up (*hint hint* it makes the perfect gift*), was a good reason.


Look at that full page pie lady pic taken by the stunningly talented Katie Parra

I share the cookbook stage with some stellar company including The Kitchn Cookbook, My Paris Kitchen (by David Lebovitz!!), Plenty More, and Prune (by Gabrielle Hamilton whose memoir I just read and loved).  The Teeny Pies section covers bourbon bacon pecan, strawberry rhubarb custard, coconut cream, espresso french silk with blackberry compote, and a new, never before revealed, roasted corn and tomato tarts! How lovely is that?

So, this post has been a long time coming but somehow still pretty exhilarating. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that I actually wrote a cookbook … one of the best cookbooks, apparently … and I’ll always be endlessly proud to show it off every once in a while. If you’re looking for gifty ideas for the upcoming holidays may I suggest a combo cookbook deal (Best of the Best and Teeny’s Tour of Pie) + pie pan? In the meantime, let’s just swoon over the fact that Food & Wine sent me mail!!




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