Proud to be a Lady

Last night we, as a country, made history. That’s right, HISTORY. It happened right in front of our eyes and regardless of how you vote or what feelings you have toward our country right now, I think we should all step back for just a moment jump up and down, fist pump, shout with unbridled joy, bust out the bubbly, shotgun a beer, or do whatever feels large enough to celebrate this huge and historical moment. A major political party just nominated a woman to be the presidential candidate. Please excuse me while I go high five everyone on the street for several hours.

I love being a lady. I love that I was raised by an insanely strong and unwavering lady who in turn helped shape me into the strongest, happiest, pie-making, future-dreaming, lady baker I could be. I love that my pursuit of pie led me across the United States and into the lives of smart and accomplished women who would help me shape my future in their likeness. I love that I get letters from little girls who have read my book and have started down their own path of becoming lady bakers and I love that by simply working my ass off and following a dream I am able to be a lady business owner.

My reality is due entirely to the women who came before me and fought the incredible fight to be seen as equals. I am able to follow my whimsical pie-making dreams because 96 years ago ladies much stronger than me fought for their rights and won. And last night an incredible woman was the very first lady to become the Democratic presidential nominee. Millions of little girls will be able to look to this woman and see their own potential reflected back at them. They will have just one more reason to imagine they can do anything. Like I said, HISTORY. I am super proud to be a lady today and will do my very best to push onwards and upwards toward a future where having a woman elected as the presidential nominee is no big deal. In the meantime, though, HIGH FIVES FOR EVERYONE. HISTORY.

Teeny Pies in Kentucky-TP-0011

(photo by an incredible LADY business owner: Leah Putkammer of Gray Kammera Photography)


Pokemon Pie

The Pokemon Go phenomenon happened last week and in addition to catching countless Pidgeys and taking the dog for extra long walks to hatch my Poke eggs, I’ve been lamenting the fact that I don’t currently have a storefront because the marketing possibilities are endless.

The game is rather exciting in the way it’s getting people out of their houses and into their neighborhoods. Strangers are meeting strangers, when they choose to acknowledge that they’re all trying to catch ’em all. Aaron spent half an hour in McDonalds/PokeStop yesterday hanging out with a random group of teenagers while they talked favorite teams, reveled in rare pokemon snags, and shared fries.

Happy Pokemon Catchers are out and about which brings me to marketing possibilities!             (This shelter has the right idea for taking advantage of your aimless wandering)

First of all, PokeBalls are round … as are pies, which makes the following SUPER easy to accomplish!!

IMG_20160713_164311 (1)

If you are excited to walk around catching imaginary pokemon on your phone, imagine how excited you would be to eat a pie that looks exactly like a PokeBall.

Second, I’ve totally stocked up on my People Pokemon Lures and I would utilize their exotic scent to bring the pokemon to my shop while the tantalizing smell of fresh baked pies would lure the humans into staying and snacking while they threw PokeBalls with abandon.

Third, I would offer limited deals to Pokemon Go players who showed loyalty to my team, the Blue Barracudas blue Mystic team, led by the indefatigable Blanche. A dollar off your cup of coffee or teeny pie if you prove you’re a member of Mystic. It’ll cost you a dollar extra if you’re a venomous Valor or an insipid Instinct. Nah, just kidding, all teams would be welcome and you would get a dollar off if you catch a Pokemon on the premises!

Finally, I would totally redesign my entire menu to reflect different Pokemon … Peachachu, Venonapple, Jugglypuffpastry, Cherryfairy, Razzzata, etc. and encourage my customers to CATCH ‘EM ALL.

If I had my own storefront I would be crushing the Pokemon Go game. I guess I’ll just have to cry a few tears, eat this Pokemon pie, and take Ladybird for another walk. Happy Catching Pokemon Professors.

Pittsburgh Pie


Happy July, I hope you all had a stellar holiday!

It must have seemed like I fell off of the pie planet but in fact I was scoping out potential pie cities, starting with Pittsburgh. And it was lovely! Pittsburgh is fantastically gritty, full of city pride and delicious food. We started our city visit in Lawrenceville, which seems to be coming up pretty quickly. As we wound our way down Butler Street we encountered effortlessly cool tattoo parlors, the diveiest dive bars, coffee filled cafes, adorable shops and fun sounding food. We ended up BYOBing our very own twelve pack (because you can’t buy cold six packs…) and having a fantastic meal at Pusadee’s Garden. Other neighborhood favorites included Umami, Franktuary, Round Corner Cantina, Constellation Coffee and Arsenal Park, where Ladybird had her daily romps. 

The city was a great size, by the end of the trip we felt like we already knew our way around. It seems like a fun combination of history and friends in food making a name for themselves. In addition to staying in Lawrenceville we checked out Garfield and East Liberty for potential neighborhoods. We also swung down to the Strip District to wander around for an afternoon. I loved all of the open air fruit stands and the incredible number of awesome looking asian markets, not to mention the crepe pancakes at Pamela’s and the unbelievable steak sandwiches at Gaucho Parilla Argentina. Other notable moments were any and all of the homemade perogies I consumed and going to banjo night at the Elk’s Lodge where the whiskey was $4.00 a glass and the banjo tunes were on point! 


(how ridiculous does this steak sandwich look)

I also had an opportunity to do a little Pittsburgh baking as well! I went back to the Strip District to snag the freshest fruits and went to work in my tiny Air B and B kitchen. I soon realized that other than an outstanding oven the kitchen had very little to offer by way of pie baking. I had been smart enough to bring my own rolling pin so rolling out my crusts was a breeze, but from then on things got a bit weird. I had no cutting board and only a butter knife with which to do any cutting. I fashioned a cutting board out of the bottom of my fruit box and thankfully the peaches and the strawberries were ripe enough to yield easily to my butter knife of doom. The trickiest bit was sawing open a can of sweetened condensed milk with the smallest serrated knife found on the end of a corkscrew bottle opener. Despite the strange kitchen the pies came out great and it made me think that I’d do really well on that cooking show where they make you use absurd utensils and with only one hand or whatever. I am a lady baker, hear me roar! 

Pittsburgh was a success and it was wonderful to visit a city with the express purpose of envisioning a life there. We’ve not made a choice yet because we haven’t visited all of our cities but Pittsburgh is still on the list! I’ve a few meetings to take in Cincinnati and we’re headed to Denver mid August so if you all have any advice, city tips, or people I could meet with in either of those places, please let me know. The pie adventure continues.