Let the Games Begin!


Friends in pie, the time has come! I’ve entered my first grant competition and I need your help to get to the top 100 by the 13th of June. It may seem daunting, but I know you are all up to the task AND you get to vote once a day… so getting to the top should be a pie-walk.

I’m super excited to be entered into the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition this year! There are very few grant opportunities for small business like Teeny Pies and so my plan is to take advantage of each and every one as they happen throughout the year and FedEx is up first. I happen to think that business competitions are altogether awesome. I like to imagine my teeny pies marching out on the field to fight for their right to live in a storefront. They probably fight a little dirty… slinging their delicious and decadent fillings into the eyes of their opponents while the judges have their back turned and muttering things like, “My crust is flakier than yours!” and “You call that local?!” under their fiercely competitive breaths.

My pies and I are ready to fight to the end and we’d be endlessly thrilled to have your help. I hope that since you’ve already invested time and energy into reading my blog and have hopefully enjoyed following me on my ongoing pie journey that you’re jazzed to help a lady pie baker out and get me to the top in the next two weeks! 



You, as a fierce and loyal supporter of Teeny Pies, have the opportunity to vote once every single day until June 13th and never fear, I’ll make it my beeswax to remind you of your dedication to all things teeny every single day. If that sounds overwhelming, GOOD! No, just kidding, I don’t want you all to hate me by the end of this whole shebang, but I am going to be pretty persistent on the ol’ social media so get excited! 


In order to be successful in this endeavor I’m going to need a little help from your friends. I’ve accumulated a fair number of friends in pie, both near and far, but my reach only extends so far. If you love Teeny Pies, please please share once you’ve voted. Talk about pie, tag us in your pie pictures, have your friends tell their friends, shout your undying love of all things teeny from the rooftops and help us get the word out that Teeny Pies is the small business of your heart. 


I’m about to post the heck out of this on all types of social media so if you happen to catch a glimpse of pie on facebook, instagram or twitter, leave us a little love. You know how the algorithm works, the bigger the buzz I can generate on this mysterious thing we call the internet, the more likely I am to be seen. So give us all the heart eyed emojis you can muster because we’re dreaming BIG and when we’ve reached the top together we can celebrate with pie!! 




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